— I don’t do buzzwords, but I can if you like.


Hi, I’m Liana

My work is best summarised as insight driven, creative ideas that may not change the world but will change behaviour. Big ideas are great but dumb ideas are better.

I come complete with expensive qualifications, a long list of acronyms, un-billable hours of scrolling and relentless enthusiasm. I love the internet with every fibre of my optic. 

You can read some semi–recent press in Vogue, on Dropbox and B&T.

Currently, I’m the Social Media Manager at MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart, Tasmania.  

Global Winner - Facebook Awards - #comeonin
Honoree - Webby Awards - Hire Me Simon

Cannes Lions - Sydney Opera House #comeonin
Gold / Mobile / Technology / Activation by Location
Silver / Direct / Response, Real-time Activity
Bronze / Direct / Use of Social Platforms
Bronze / Promo & Activation / Response, Real-time Activity
Finalist / Digital Craft / Data Storytelling
Finalist / Direct / Travel, Transport & Leisure 

Cannes Lions - Volkswagen - Naked Ute
Silver / Promo & Activation
Finalist / Direct 

Wood Pencil / Mobile Marketing / Use of Social Media on Mobile / Sydney Opera House #Comeo





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